Great! You have been dedicated to putting environmental protection action into practice and always willing to show your confidence in achieving the final victory when fighting against the behavior that might damage the environment. However, you may still confront certain issues, such as losing the control of your temper and patience. 



Cool! You are eager to use the advanced technologies or any resources you have to protect the environment. Moreover, you would like to share your experience in environmental protection with the people around you. In this case, you have shown your full optimism in successfully maintaining the harmony between nature and human beings. 



Wow! Stability, support, and coordination are the priorities for you along the path of environmental protection. When focusing on protecting the environment, you prefer to gather the support around you to make the general situation harmonious, but sometimes you will be exhausted in handling the relationship with others.


"Guardian Angel"

Yeah! You have been always showing your specialty in handling various issues, including environmental issues, by analyzing them logically and insisting that there should be no factor that would impact the result of your action. However, you have to admit that nothing could be fully kept under control, especially in such a changing world.

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Replenishing the resources

By reinventing its business activities, Veolia is making it possible to create new secondary resources that are gradually offsetting the growing scarcity of natural primary materials. Through innovation in recycling materials and recovering waste, Veolia is providing solutions that significantly extend the life span and usage value of extracted resources. 


Preserving the resources

Given the growing tension surrounding resources, it is everyone’s collective responsibility to conserve and protect them. Resources that are less intensively consumed, better used and less damaged are resources that will still be available in the future. 


Improving access to resources

In a world of growing needs and dwindling reserves, access to basic resources is becomingly increasingly complex and a source of tension. In response to these challenges, Veolia is developing durable solutions to supply the greatest possible number of people with the resources needed to ensure the wellbeing of communities, to make regions attractive and to underpin the performance of companies.


Resourcing the world better

Today, natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce while our needs are growing in an ever more densely populated and urbanized world facing climate change issues.


Veolia has drawn its inspiration from the circular economy to reinvent itself and so to address the major challenges industry and regions are facing. These illustrations show a playful city where nature happily cohabits with human activity and industry. At Veolia, we like to move beyond first impressions. Imagine solutions where others see problems. We all share a common mindset: we are optimistic, we never give up and we move forward together. Here are a few roles you might play in this campaign, why not click to see your role and become a better resourcers with us?

#We are resourcers#